Community's Gillian Jacobs Heads To Girls For Season 4

NBC's loss is HBO's gain. Gillian Jacobs, who starred in the unfortunately-cancelled NBC comedy Community is set to play a role in HBO's comedy Girls for its fourth season, which is expected to air on the premium cable channel early next year.

Girls star and creator Lena Dunham confirmed the great news on Twitter today:

As disappointing as it is that Community was not renewed for Season 6, it's really hard not to be excited over the future endeavors of its cast as they move on to other projects. For Jacobs, that apparently includes a recurring gig on Girls. TVLine elaborates on the news with a few more details, including that Gillian Jacobs will recur in Season 4 of Girls, playing a character named Mimi-Rose Howard. Her first appearance will be in Episode 5, which as it happens, is titled "Mimi-Rose." So who is Mimi-Rose? Is it wrong that I'm kind of hoping she'll be some kind of antagonist? Maybe a rival to Marnie? We can only guess how this Mimi-Rose (and her hyphenated name) will fit into the series, but it sounds like she'll be around for at least a few episodes, which is a big plus, as Jacobs is talented and funny.

Spoilers ahead if you're not caught up through Season 3!

We don't know much about the direction of Season 4, beyond that Hannah may be pursuing a creative writing workshop in Iowa. The third season ended with Hannah getting accepted into the program and it was implied that she was going to do it, which would mean a temporary move across the country. After Season 3 wrapped up, a report that the actual University of Iowa rejected the show's request to film on their campus suggests that the series will have Hannah attending the program. So some of Season 4 may be taking place away from New York. Weird things tend to happen when Hannah leaves the city, so we'll have to wait and see where that arc goes.

As for Jacobs' run on the show, it's a great bit of casting news and one more clue to work with as we look forward to early 2015 when Girls returns for Season 4. In addition to Community, Jacobs' credits include Choke, Walk of Shame and the upcoming Hot Tub Time Machine sequel.

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