NBC was swift and broad when deciding which shows would not be returning at the end of the 2012-2013 television season, and comedies at the network certainly felt the brunt of the cancellation axe. Among the few comedies to remain on the network for another season are Parks and Recreation and the likeable cult comedy, Community. Despite the Season 5 renewal, Community has yet to pop up on NBC’s schedule for next season. We’ll probably see the series hit the schedule again at midseason, but until then, diehard fans will be able to re-watch their favorite episodes when Community: The Complete Fourth Season hits DVD on August 6.


Season 4 will go down in infamy as the year without Dan Harmon, who will be returning to the series as its showrunner in Season 5 (although regaining his position hasn’t stopped the man from continuing to bash the show). Though the Season 4 set is missing Harmon, the show still managed to hit a decent groove later into its run, which is fortuitous, since Season 4 is a milestone season for the program in terms of plot events. Fans have gotten to know Abed, Troy, Jeff, Annie, Britta, and Pierce in pretty deep detail and Season 4 took the cast through senior year moments and graduation time, as well as an Inspector Spacetime convention and a “Sophie B. Hawkins” dance.

Some people might agree with Harmon’s vocal dislike for the season that left him without creative control of the series he had built from the ground up. However, there were enough reasons for fans to invest in and tune in for Season 4, and thanks to decent ratings and plenty of buzz, NBC was willing to bring the show back for a fifth season, which just might mean that fans will get the six seasons and a movie they have been clamoring for.

It’s a little early to be looking that far ahead, but it’s not too early to begin looking at the Season 4 DVD release. NBC’s set will come with 13 episodes, as well as several bonus features. Some of these are the basics, like cast and crew commentary, outtakes, and deleted scenes. These extras may not seem particularly innovative, but usually outtakes on comedy DVDs are amusing and worth a watch. Additionally, the set will come with some bonus features that are unique to Community, including a segment that will compare InSpecTiCon to other ‘con’ panels the cast and crew have been a part of. A final segment will look at this season’s puppet episode. Currently the set is available for pre-order at a sale price via Amazon, but before you make any big decisions, you can check out the list of bonus features, below.

Community Season 4 DVD Bonus Features
  • Cast & Crew Commentary on every episode
  • Outtakes
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • “Inspector Spacetime: Inspection”
  • “Adventures in Advanced Puppetry”

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