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Community Spoiler: Very Bad News For The Fate Of One Character

Is death knocking at the door of Greendale Community college? So says one of the stars. From what one of the cast members of the NBC comedy series is saying, someone on the series may be marked for death in an upcoming episode. But who? And how? Vague hints ahead...

We know the when. According to what Joel McHale told TV Guide, the dying character will meet his or her demise in “mid-afternoon.” Who will it be? Obviously, McHale didn’t say. But he did say, “A character from the show will die,” and that it’s “someone you’ve seen a lot. And he dies in the mid-afternoon.”


Is the “he” a slip-up or is he trying to throw us off the trail? Among the main(ish) characters, I'm going to guess Ken Jeong’s Senor Chang. This theory comes largely from Jeong’s already diminished role in the series, likely due to his various film engagements. But I really hope it isn't Chang. As a Community fan, there’s no way I can “hope” for any of the characters to meet their end on the series. But if it has to be someone, perhaps it will be someone like Star-Burns, the intricately side-burned man who is well enough known and pops up from time to time, but doesn’t play a huge role in the show. It would certainly be a loss though. No one's sideburns shine quite as brightly as Star-Burns...

Wanting to find whose fate is sealed on Community is just one more reason to be excited to see the series return from its hiatus.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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