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Matt Lauer’s possible shake-up over at NBC’s Today has left room for much speculation. First, rumors abounded Ryan Seacrest could take over as a co-anchor if Lauer does decide to leave the show when his contract ends after 2012. If Lauer leaves Today, it seems likely NBC might try to make room for him in a different format. That is, unless another network manages to snap the man up. One thing is for certain: losing Lauer on Today would mean he would need a new gig somewhere, and 60 Minutes would be happy to take him.

Of course, moving to 60 Minutes would mean a hop, skip, and a jump over to a new network. Officially, NBC and Lauer can’t even entertain any offers until next September. However, CBS Newschairman Jeff Fager told THR 60 Minutes would “love to have” Lauer. CBS may be in the wishful thinking stage at this juncture, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope for the future.

Lauer has been on Today since 1997. Over the years he’s learned to work with multiple co-anchors and in multiple formats (recently he hosted a yearly Thanksgiving special). Even with the change-ups, more than a decade at the same place could grow a little stale. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Lauer was excited about a change of pace. Regardless, NBC executives probably want to keep the anchor on Today or at least on the network if it can find the right place for him. This seems especially true since NBC was quick to hasten the Seacrest meeting was less about replacing Lauer and more about making room for the American Idol host. We have a while to wait before any real deals roll in, but I’m guessing this time next year, Lauer will have made a sweet deal for himself.