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The Daily Show Is Losing Samantha Bee, Get The Details

When it comes to being progressive in television, TBS probably isn’t the first place one would think of. Yet, the Turner-owned network is setting longtime Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee up as the host of her own satirical show, adding a much-needed female presence in the world of comedic hosts. Unfortunately, that means she’ll be packing up and leaving The Daily Show in the rear-view.

Bee is currently the longest-running Daily Show correspondent, having joined the series back in 2003. While it isn’t clear how Comedy Central felt on the issue, Bee was a frontrunner in many fans’ minds to take over as host once Jon Stewart exits the show later this year. That obviously won’t be happening now, and The Daily Show will have to start looking for even more replacements.

According to THR, Bee isn’t dropping out immediately, and she’ll be back for occasional Daily Show segments over the next few months until production on the as-yet-untitled TBS series will begin. The network is planning on getting things started in the summer, with a goal of getting it on the air in time for the fall season.

Here’s hoping we get a few more undeniable gems like the segment seen below, which tackles Joe Biden’s questionable grope-filled behavior.

Bee is creating this new series with her husband and fellow Daily Show vet Jason Jones, who already has his own show in the works at the cable network. THR says TBS was extremely intent on nabbing Bee, despite her wishes not to leave the politically motivated talk show. A highly lucrative deal, with a stiff penalty attached, was apparently enough to win her over, though. (No one ever offers me those.) Here’s how TBS’ executive vice president of original programming humorously expressed his joy.

We’re thrilled to have Sam join Jason at TBS and really make this a family affair. We actually have their kids coming in next week to pitch us animation.

Bee is working with Jones on an untitled family vacation comedy that was picked up to series by TBS last month, when Jones also announced he’d be leaving The Daily Show. They’re writing that one together, with him in the lead role.

Should Bee’s new series come to proper fruition, it’s expected that it would enter the TBS schedule as a counterpart to Conan, though presumably with a different set-up. Considering how well John Oliver is doing with Last Week Tonight, the world is definitely hungry for more satire outside of the Daily Show. We’ll miss you, Sam!

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