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With all the new series debuting this month, there are few shows that have more eyes on it than The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. The new, and relatively unknown, new host has a lot of pressure and expectation as he follows in the footsteps of Jon Stewart. While there’s a lot we still don’t know about how this new Daily Show will look, we do know who the first guests will be, and at the very top of the list is comedian Kevin Hart.

The stand-up comic and Ride Along actor will be Trevor Noah’s first guest on Monday, September 28, according to Comedy Central. Hart is currently on tour with his current stand-up show, entitled What Now?. Noah’s guests for the rest of the week include Whitney Wolfe, CEO of App company Bumble; NJ governor and Presidential candidate Chris Christie; and singer Ryan Adams.

Hart is probably a good choice for a first guest. He can be funny on his own, so if Trevor Noah has any first-day jitters, they can be easily glossed over. Hart doesn’t even have a new movie coming out anytime soon, as Ride Along 2 is currently set for January, so there isn’t even a big project for the two of them to specifically discuss. They can just hang out and sling jokes at each other, which will likely help Noah get comfortable, assuming of course that he needs it.

The full week guest slate looks like one that any long-time Daily Show viewer would be familiar with. A couple celebrities, a politician, and somebody from the business world. Stewart featured a lot of non-fiction authors on his show, highlighting books that otherwise would not get a lot of public notice. Hopefully, we’ll start to see a few of those in the ensuing weeks. We hope Trevor Noah is a reader.

Advertising is trying to focus on the idea that the new Daily Show will be a lot like the previous one. Fans of Jon Stewart will be glad to hear that. We would still expect there to be some fairly substantial changes, however. When Stewart took over the desk from original host Craig Kilborn, the show saw a pretty major evolution, although not all of it was overnight. What started as a comedic look at the late night talk show format turned into a comedic look at the nightly news format. The comedy got much more focused on Washington politics and the problems within the system.

One way or another, we expect to only begin to learn what kind of host Trevor Noah will be when The Daily Show with Trevor Noah premieres Monday night, September 28, on Comedy Central.

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