Daredevil Is Definitely Going To Show Up On Jessica Jones, Here's What We Know

Despite the fact that Jessica Jones is going to hit the schedule on November 20, we only just recently got the first full trailer for the upcoming Netflix drama. In it, we saw Jessica seemingly depressed and out of control as she confronted a villain from her past and her own future. However, now it seems that while she will be taking down criminals she’ll definitely be crossing paths with a Daredevil character. That character is Matt Murdock, in fact. Here's what Jon Schnepp had to say about the prospect:

You're definitely going to see Matt Murdock in Jessica Jones. That's a fact. He's in it. I don't know how they interact, but he's in the series.

Jon Schnepp, over at Collider, recently noted we’ll certainly see Murdock in the new episodes, but we think we should definitely point out there may be a distinction. Murdock is a lawyer by day and an ass-kicking crimefighter by night, and from the way it sounds, we could be seeing more of the daytime guy than the nighttime guy during Season 1 of Jessica Jones.

No part of this news should be super surprising for fans. Netflix has been incredibly clear that the Marvel universe over at the streaming service is incredibly connected. Luke Cage is playing a major part in Jessica Jones, in fact, before he spins off into his own show. And we’ve known for months that Rosario Dawson will be on Jessica Jones, as would several smaller Daredevil characters. But if Matt Murdock is showing up, that’s a whole different deal.

A few months ago, Jeph Loeb did tease that Murdock and Jessica Jones do come from the same area, which means fans of both shows will at least see familiar locations, including the police station and more. It's all a way to show connectivity in the Marvel and Netflix universe.

Without giving anything away, they’re in the same area. In some cases they are in the same neighborhood. One of the things that is important to us is, when you enter the police station, it’s the same police station. When you go to the hospital, you start to see the same people.

Taking the location crossover a step further and actually introducing the character should go a long way to win over fans who are hoping for a glimpse of Murdock before Daredevil Season 2 comes to fruition. And while the streaming service isn’t currently confirming the appearance, it at least makes a whole lot of sense.

Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix at 12:01 p.m. PT on Friday, November 20. For now, check out what we know about Jessica Jones. Or, if you’re more interested in Daredevil, here’s what’s coming in Season 2.

Jessica Rawden
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