Daredevil Season 2 Is Probably Adding Elektra, Get The Details

After one of the most stellar first seasons that a comic book fan could hope for, Netflix’s Daredevil has audiences positively rabid for Season 2 next year. Next to nothing is known about where the plot will take the Man Without Fear, but it’s looking more and more like he’ll be joined by another iconic character, Elektra, as audition videos popped up yesterday with actresses believed to be trying out for the role. Thankfully, Jennifer Garner wasn’t one of them.

As things normally go, there aren’t any blatant mentions of Elektra in the videos, which were quickly removed from the Internet, but it doesn’t take a whole lot of blind speculation to come to an Elektra-fied conclusion. (Sorry about that.) According to ComicBook, one of the scenes is between Perhaps-Elektra and a thug that she apparently talked into abandoning his criminal operation that had him “hurting innocent people because you’re too lazy to get rich the hard way,” and it also mentions her having a partner that isn’t aware of what she’s doing. Sounds about right, considering Elektra splits her attention between Daredevil and her own vigilante impulses.

The second scene is apparently between Elektra and Matt, and would appear to be one of their first meet-ups. It involves her putting together Matt’s entire persona just based on him wearing wingtip shoes. (She calls him “pretty, but dumb.”) They end up going off together after he correctly assumes that she’s bored with college parties. That ties into Foggy’s Season 1 mention of Matt having a Greek college flame. Well, that doesn’t directly imply that she’s Greek, I guess, but still. Let’s take a look at the two actresses who read for the roles, although I’m not sure which one read for which scenario.


Louisa Mignone is an Australian actress whose credits include Kieran Darcy-Smith’s Wish You Were Here and a recurring role on the original version of Rake. She can also be found in Shane Abbess’ sci-fi thriller Infini, which was released earlier this month.


South East Asia native Shiva Kalaiselvan doesn’t appear to have any screen credits to her name, but she’s been involved with theater in Malaysia, London and New York City. There’s no sign of whether or not either of these two actresses will actually get the part, but it’s encouraging to see that Marvel isn’t just trying to cast white American actresses for the part. Although that can obviously change by the time the casting is official.

Now we just need to start hearing about what villain roles are being auditioned for, so that we can start anticipating more amazing fight sequences. (Elektra means The Hand should be around, right?) Season 2 is scheduled to go into production later this year, with a debut in the early part of 2016.

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