4 Comic Characters Charlie Cox Would Like To See In Daredevil Season 2

In its first season, Netflix’s Daredevil won fans over with gritty violence, a stark departure from Marvel’s other fare, and the most interesting Marvel villain we’ve seen yet. And so of course when Season 2 was announced, the general frame of mind was “Give me more of everything!” And it looks like star Charlie Cox is in that same club, as he’s keen to see a handful of Daredevil’s comic compadres show up next year, including his second most interesting villain, Bullseye. We all want that, Charlie.

Cox spoke with Empire about all things Season 2, and while he had to watch what he said about certain subjects, he gave his character wish list.

Based on the show we created, which is very grounded in reality, I’d like to see Punisher maybe show up, a little bit of Elektra maybe. I wouldn’t mind Black Widow making an appearance, and you can’t think about Daredevil for too long without thinking of Bullseye. I don’t know when or if or how that would happen, but it’d be cool if it did.

I absolutely wish that Cox had put on his best Matthew McConaughey impression while saying that last bit, but that might have been too dazing and confusing. Considering Season 2 probably hasn’t been mapped out in full just yet, as former showrunner Steven DeKnight passed the torch to Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez when the season order came in, Cox almost had to have previous conversations with the creative team about where Season 2 might end up. And since everyone in the world is expecting Bullseye to make his way to Hell’s Kitchen, the other names he mentioned are all the more interesting.

As for The Punisher popping up, we know that DeKnight recently said he’d love to see Frank Castle’s deadly alter ego get his own R-rated series, and Daredevil has certainly made the mature material seem more palatable. For Black Widow, it would make perfect sense to have Scarlett Johansson show up on the small screen as a way to draw Daredevil into the movies, which fans are clamoring for. And as for Elektra, well, Marvel definitely needs to do something to wipe the taste of that awful 2005 flick out of people’s mouths, so she seems to be as likely a choice as Bullseye to keep Matt Murdock busy in Season 2.

With Season 1 giving Murdock his bruise-filled journey to the red-suited Daredevil proper, it seems likely that Season 2 would open up the world of good guys and bad guys, further laying the bricks on the path to the Defenders miniseries. Cox says they’re following the same schedule this go-around, with production planned for the latter portion of the year, so we might just have all of our Season 2 answers a year from now.

Nick Venable
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