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Could Bones be embarking on its final season? That's what's being implied in some recent tweets from series star David Boreanaz, a.k.a. Agent Seeley Booth. While fans will have the opportunity to celebrate the show at this July's Comic Con, it may be the last time they get to do just that.

(Via EW) David Boreanaz, once well known for playing the fanged Angel in both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff series Angel, and now known for being the more people-friendly side of the Bones/Booth team-up in Fox's drama Bones, took to Twitter last night and made some comments about Comic Con and the "farewell tour." Read them ahead…

While it's good to hear he's planning on attending this year (last year's Bones panel had to be cancelled after Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel backed out due to personal reasons), it sounds like he thinks this might be the last time Bones is at SDCC. But he elaborates further by mentioning that he's a "free agent" after this season (possible translation: his contract is up).

…And the farewell tour has lost its question mark, which sounds a bit firmer than the previous tweet. Finally, he follows this up with some positive words about the future…

So, while he's not confirming anything, it may be safe to say that there's "talk" of this being the last season for Bones. With eight seasons (counting the one that's coming up), the series will have certainly had a good run at Fox, but I'm sure fans will be disappointed if the show is coming to an end. Perhaps this is something that will be addressed in a more official capacity at Comic Con next month. The panel is set to take place on Friday, July 13. Here's the info:
BONES: Creator and executive producer Hart Hanson, executive producer Stephen Nathanand stars David Boreanaz (“FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth”) and Emily Deschanel (“Dr. Temperance Brennan”) will be on hand to discuss the shocking finale of Season Seven as well as what’s in store for Booth and Brennan in an exciting Season Eight. The panel will be followed by a fan Q&A.

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