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David Krumholtz Signs On For NBC's Brenda Forever Pilot

David Krumholtz has signed on for a brand new project. The Partners actor has nabbed a role in NBC’s Brenda Forever pilot, joining The Office’s Ellie Kemper in a guest starring gig that could turn into a series regular should NBC’s comedy project be fortunate enough to move to series.

Brenda Forever has a pretty different sort of premise, consisting of episodes that will follow Brenda Miller (Kemper) as a 31-year-old, as well as a 13-year-old. Flashbacks are by no means a new idea in comedy—in fact, Raising Hope uses them all the time to show Jimmy and his parents’ foolishness at different ages. However, to create a series entirely based on one woman and her growth throughout her life is a new idea and I hope audiences get the chance to experience it. TV Line is reporting that Krumholtz will play Brenda’s good friend in the pilot, and I wonder if he will have a past counterpart, as well.

Krumholtz has had no trouble landing roles since Numb3rs ended, but he has had trouble finding a show with staying power on television. The actor has had plenty of small TV stints, but his two biggest roles on NBC’s The Playboy Club and CBS’ Partners have not made it past a first season. Hopefully, Brenda Forever will both make it to series and land Krumhotz a regular role. That’s a lot of ifs currently in place, but Krumholtz and Kemper are both good actors, and since there should be plenty of space opening up in NBC’s comedy block next season, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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