Dexter Series Finale Preview: Remember The Monsters?

The end is here! Or it will be this Sunday night. Dexter left off with a pretty major cliffhanger last night -- Spoilers if you haven't seen "Monkey in the Box" yet! -- and based on the preview for next week's series finale, "Remember the Monsters?," it looks like Dexter won't be skipping down before checking in on Deb. And he seems to feel some remorse about leaving Saxon alive. Will Deb being shot be a life-lesson for Dexter about walking away from a kill?

I'm honestly not sure what I'm expecting to come out of the series finale of Dexter. Will he sail off into the sunset with Hannah? Will he stay behind with Deb? Will even survive? The preview indicates that she thinks she's being punished for the things she did. Is she going to tell Quinn the truth? That may be a major revelation in store for the finale, given how close these two have gotten all of a sudden. Assuming Deb does survive this gun shot wound, she might need to tell Quinn about Dexter if there's any chance she and Quinn can move forward in their relationship. That seems like it would be a lot to resolve in one episode, though, so maybe not.

It does look like there will be at least one crucial look back, as this appears to be the sight of Harry carrying child-Dexter away from the trailer where his mother was killed:

Little Dexter

Will the series end with Harrison witnessing yet another traumatizing death? He was just a baby when his mother was killed, which might mean he was too little to suffer permanent damage from the incident, but if something were to happen now, it could have a more lasting effect on the child. Is the above image a tease of that?

Here's another teaser for the finale, which also includes a look at head at the season finale for Ray Donovan:

Both teasers hint at Elway's involvement in everything that's happening. We see Dexter slamming him against the wall and telling him to back off. And then there's this glimpse, which shows Hannah on a bus (or an airport shuttle, perhaps?) and Elway putting his hand on her:

Elway and Hannah

Will the series end with Hannah getting thrown back in jail? Elway's goal has been to collect the bounty on Hannah. He may be content to pursue her and leave Deb and Dexter alone. As I've been indifferent toward Hannah, pretty much from the start, I'll admit, I'm not all that concerned for her wellbeing outside of how it affects Dexter.

Dexter airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Et on Showtime. Read our breakdown of last night's "Monkey in the Box" here.

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