One thing is clear from the newest video released by Showtime. Things are going to be looking very violent for the pay cable network's Sunday night line-up of dramas, come late June. Ray Donovan is poised to make its debut, alongside Dexter's return for its anticipated eighth - and possibly final - season. The new video not only teases the new series coming to Showtime, but also gives us our first real look at Season 8 of Dexter.

We get a couple of great snippets from Dexter, one of which shows us Dexter attempting to recreate the blood spatter from a head wound in his white room. I also thought we got a peek of him with an electric knife or a drill or something. But the really interesting tease involves Deb. One snippet shows her suggesting she shot the wrong person in that trailer - a reference to the Season 7 finale, during which she had the choice to take Dexter down or kill LaGuerta. She chose the latter, but is she having regrets?

We also see what appears to be a very emotional scene, in which she points out that when she thought she needed him, it was the other way around. Has Deb reached her breaking point? And has Dexter pushed her too far? It seems obvious that there will be some major fallout over what happened with Deb and Dexter in that trailer, but how big will it be and what will it mean for their relationship? That's something fans are likely eager to find out. And we will find out when Dexter returns on June 30.

And then, of course, there's Ray Donovan, the new drama starring Liev Schreiber, who plays the title character, a "fixer" living in Los Angeles. Showtime has already given us a look at Ann Biderman's new series. Given the violent glimpses we've seen from the new series, I'm thinking it'll be a good fit next to Dexter.

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