Did Daredevil's Costume Just Leak Online?

Update: Good news, Daredevil fans, the image has been confirmed. Take a better look and get more information here.

A new purportedly leaked Daredevil image has been floating around online, and there is some suggestion that it may be our first look at Marvel Studios' version of the Man Without Fear's famous red costume. Check it out below, if you're not spoiler-phobic:

(UPDATE: Netflix has officially released a video showing off the costume.)

This image was posted by a user on Reddit's Marvel board, and the user's explanation for how he found the image is a bit sketchy. They claim that they actually found the image on Netflix itself, having performed a search for Daredevil and gotten this image as a result. The post says that the pic has since been replaced with the image of Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock wearing a grey suit and sporting a set of bloody knuckles, which you can see below:


There are a couple reasons that I'm not 100 percent ready to jump on-board the belief train for this one. For starters, I'm not sure that Netflix really has immediate plans to promote the red suit - otherwise we have to wonder why we didn't get to see Daredevil's final costume a lot sooner. The bigger evidence, however, is simply the look of the jaw. If you blow up the tiny image at the top of this article, you'll find that his jawline doesn't really match up too well with Charlie Cox's as seen on the bloody knuckles poster. The lead actor in the series has a much wider-set jaw, and a less defined chin. I don't necessarily doubt that this is the direction that Marvel could go in for the design, but I'm not entirely convinced that it's real.

We probably won't be certain of whether or not this is real until we actually get to see an officially-released image of Daredevil's new red suit, but for now, do you think it's real? Or do you think that it's just a Photoshop job being sent around to fool the internet? Answer our poll below, and then hit the comments to tell us whether or not you want to believe it's real!

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