Did This ESPN Analyst Just Fall Asleep In The Middle Of An Interview?

ESPN is known for hiring analysts who are enthusiastic, vociferous and more. In fact, numerous other adjectives apply that indicate the analysts on the network are either informed, energetic or both. However, every once in awhile, a talking head on ESPN doesn't bring that same level of energy. Usually, it's because there's a very serious topic being discussed. In the case of Brian Windhorst, however, it was because he may have fallen asleep. Watch the moment, below.

After the NBA commenter took a bunch of crap on the internet for looking like he had momentarily taken a snooze, Brian Windhorst took to social media to state that he was actually checking his phone. According to the analyst, he was not taking a nap during the recent segment with Cari Champion, at all. Here’s what he had to say:

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To his credit, when you are being filmed in an interview like that you are facing a camera and not directly facing the person you are chatting with, so figuring out where to train your eyes can be complicated. Under that circumstance, I suppose choosing to look at your phone is as good of a place as any. In addition, Cari Champion was asking the man about his feelings on what someone else had to say about Russell Westbrook. Instead of trashing that journalist or saying something quickly, it may be only natural that Brian Windhorst took a moment before he responded, making it seem as if he had zoned out—or worse—fallen asleep. (He really does look asleep.)

sleeping windhorst

Meanwhile, poor Cari was sitting there and was unable to see what Brian Windhorst was doing, so she thought the live camera feed had been dropped for several seconds, which does occasionally happen with live TV. The lesson to probably be learned from all of this is that we live in an age where technology and distractions are literally right at our fingertips. However, if you are in the middle of filming footage for ESPN, it’s probably not the best time to be checking your phone—even if Adam Schefter does it too. That way, no one will ever accuse you of pulling a Mike Ditka and sleeping on the job.

The event in question happened during Tuesday's telecast of SportsCenter. You can catch new episodes on ESPN all the time. Check your local listings.

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