I have a love-hate relationship with the Disney Channel. On one hand, they have allowed me to doze on the couch many a pre-dawn morning while my kids watched Imagination Movers enraptured. On the other hand, well, Hannah Montana. And I can only be thankful that my kids now sleep until sunrise and then head to school since Disney Channel has just given the green light to a talking dog project.

Deadline reports that the dedicated children and family network is bringing us a show all about a dog who doesn’t just talk, he blogs. Yes, talking dog comedies have entered the digital age. Instead of fading into the dark night of bad ideas like they should have somewhere after those cute but unbelievably annoying Golden Retrievers showed up for the fourth or fifth time.

Dog With a Blog as the new series is both aptly and unimaginatively (but it rhymes!) titled will feature Stu, a dog who blogs all about the blended family he lives with. That family includes two 15 year old step-siblings: Tyler, the popular social type, and Kayla, the introverted academic type. Not surprisingly, these two stereotypes don’t get along, and the canine's wise blogging helps them to get through their high school experience together.

Disney Channel is still casting for the three main roles, and I am sure it’s only a matter of time before we are given a couple of new teen wonders who will eventually release an album and then dress inappropriately in public causing parents’ groups to lose their minds. Or maybe they will be really responsible young people, and the show will actually be better than it sounds. You never know!

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