BBC America is preparing to bring the story of the man behind 007 to the small screen. Fleming will tell the story of Ian Fleming, the man who brought James Bond to life and whose own life seems to have much of the martini-sipping, skirt-chasing charm he infused into the suave spy of his imagination.

Film actor Dominic Cooper, whose roles have been as varied as Captain America: The First Avenger and My Week With Marilyn, is set to play the role of Fleming for the four-part miniseries. The story will focus on his life of wealth and leisure, his failed attempt at a career as a stockbroker, how WWII changed his world, and the creation of the unforgettable James Bond. Fleming is described as a “maverick”, and man whose life involved plenty of time in the beds of random women as champagne and martinis fueled his nights.

Additionally, Fleming’s entrance into Naval Intelligence via his family’s connections during the war uncovered in him a gift for brilliant, dangerous, and “outrageous counter-intelligence missions against the Nazis.” This experience wound up being the basis for the character of James Bond, who first appeared in Fleming’s 1953 debut Casino Royale.

Fleming will begin shooting early this year in England and Budapest, and is expected to give us a story much like a Bond film, although I suspect there will be a little less shooting involved. Having never given much thought to the man who created Bond, it should be interesting to learn the background of a character who has become a pop culture icon.

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