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The Downside To High School Musical's Big Screen Debut

As it’s my job to stay up on what’s going on in the TV world, I would’ve been shirking my responsibilities not to check out High School Musical when it aired on the Disney Channel. The huge HSM craze could not be ignored and though I don’t have kids of my own, nor do I fit into the targeted age bracket for the movie, I found the sing-songy TV flick surprisingly enjoyable. Squeaky-clean and totally unrealistic (in terms of the average American high school) but charmingly entertaining nonetheless and full of a catchy tunes, great dance numbers and a fresh crop of talented Disney kids.

In fact, despite considering HSM to be somewhat of a guilty pleasure, one I couldn’t share with almost anyone I know (with the exception of a handful of parents and one or two younger cousins), I looked forward to the sequel. The night HSM2 premiered on the Disney Channel, I popped the popcorn and curled up on the couch to watch the East High Wildcats head off to the Lava Springs Country Club to work, sing and dance their way through summer. The movie was cornier than the snack I had prepared myself but I ate it up. And now the Wildcats are headed into senior year and here’s where people like me are in trouble.

It’s not news that the third installment of the wildly popular movie series is headed for the big screen. In fact, High School Musical 3 is set to premiere in theaters on October 24th, just a couple of weeks from now. What’s a person like me to do in this situation? I’m a 30-year-old woman with no kids (or close friends with tweenaged kids) to take to the theater to see it. It’d be a major longshot that I’d ever be able to convince my husband to take me out for dinner and some big-screen-HSM. And to be honest, I really can’t picture myself sitting in a crowded theater, surrounded by giggly tweens, probably there for their second or third repeat viewing, all set to sing along with Zac and Vanessa. I like HSM, but not so much that I’ll be lining up at the theater to get at it. No, I like my HSM from the comfort of my own couch, in my pajamas where no one can witness me smiling through each song and dance routine.

So it is with that that I lodge this small complaint to Disney. I realize that bringing the third movie to the big screen is a logical step, considering how much money it’s likely to make. But I guess I’m a little disappointed that I’ll have to wait for the DVD to see what happens during the HSM character’s senior year.

What say you, readers? Are there any other semi-closeted-HSM fans out there who are unlikely to see the movie in theaters and maybe a little bit sad that it’s not premiering on the Disney Channel as the previous two movies did?

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Kelly West
Kelly West

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