Downton Abbey’s third series is gearing up for a U.K. premiere on itv. Unfortunately, those of us across the pond will have a few extra months to wait before we get our period piece fix. On the bright side, we can still put on our tea party clothes and act out Lady Mary and Matthew’s epic romance, but since that would require a boy or a big imagination, we should probably just entertain ourselves with itv’s trailer for the upcoming season. The newest doesn’t say a whole lot in words, but it manages to say far more in images.

According to the clip, the estate is still running after WWI is over. There is still plenty of romance—it looks like even Lady Edith will be getting some action—and Shirley MacLaine’s upcoming character gets in a few choice words with Maggie’s Smiths Dowager Countess. From the looks of things, Bates is still in jail, but later it seems he might escape his plight. From the choir music to its many quick cut-to shots, the trailer seems to be full of strife and change, but a few good moments, too.

It’s great to see most of the familiar faces, as well as a few new characters in the clip for the upcoming show. After all of the press surrounding Maggie Smith’s potential to leave sooner or later, it’s very reassuring to see she will at least be an integral part of the upcoming season, and she will probably have to stay on her toes thanks to Cora’s mother, an American (Maclaine), showing up. Could 2013 come any faster, please?

Downton Abbey will air on PBS starting on January 6, 2013.

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