Duck Dynasty Ratings Swell In Season 3 Finale

New seasons of Duck Dynasty seem to pop up on A&E frequently. Despite this, the series is still pulling in a loyal following for new episodes. Season 3’s finale aired last night and pulled in higher ratings than any other program on A&E, ever. Last night’s finale did a 4.3 rating and pulled in 9.6 million total viewers—which is certainly enough to bring the series back for a fourth season. In comparison, over at Fox, American Idol did a 3.2 rating and 12.3 million total viewers.

Programming on different cable stations has become a viable part of the TV economy over the last several years. Oftentimes, top notch cable programming doesn’t produce the same ratings results as the top notch network programming (we’re talking CBS, not NBC, here), however, programs like Duck Dynasty have been opening up the avenue quite a bit. According to Deadline, last night’s Season 3 finale brought in 5.5 million viewers in the coveted 18-49 demographic alone. Those numbers will certainly help bring advertisers to the cable network.

Duck Dynasty has done well since the bearded wonders first hit A&E. Ratings have been way up since the Season 3 premiere, and on Thursday, A&E also announced the show's upcoming fourth season will begin production shortly. Apparently, there have been some problems with all of the members of the cast, but each have long-term contracts with the reality(ish) series and Season 4 is a definite go. Feuds can be put on hold when there’s money to be made.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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