DuckTales Showcased In A Series Of Excellent Mondo Posters

Mondo Duck Tales Posters

Tapping into our nostalgic sensibilities is something Mondo has done very well over the years, and that certainly applies to their latest series of posters. If the phrase "Life is like a hurricane…" is something that triggers a familiar, catchy TV theme song, you might be a DuckTales fan, and if that's the case, then you'll love Mondo's latest posters, which go on sale this week.

Mondo gave us a preview of the posters that are going on sale tomorrow (August 28) at The one above is one of two posters that focuses on Scrooge McDuck, a character so rich, he's actually swimming in money. Or in the case of his poster, caught in a shower of coins. While his umbrella keeps his head from being pelted by change, his top hat serves as a bucket to catch his winnings. The Scrooge posters come courtesy of Mondo artist DKNG.

And here's one from artist Anne Benjamin that showcases the nephews, ducklings Huey, Dewey and Louie…

Nephews mondo poster

Or if you're going for something a bit more classic, there's JJ Harrison's Ducktales poster.

Ducktales poster

That one works in a few more characters as well as Uncle Scrooge's money pit, and seems to be the biggest throwback to the Disney animated series.

Finally, Phantom City Creative came up with this excellent one for villainous sorceress Magica De Spell, who appears to be moments away from getting her fingers feathers onto Scrooge's lucky dime!

Magica de Spell Mondo poster

Here are the specifics on the posters, pricing and sizes for all of the posters:

DUCKTALESJJ Harrison: 24" x 36", Edition of 240, $50SCROOGEDKNG: 18" x 24", Edition of 190, $45DKNG (Variant): 18" x 24", Edition of 100, $65NEPHEWSAnne Benjamin: 18" x 24", Edition of 160, $45MAGICA DE SPELLPhantom City Creative: 18" x 24", Edition of 140, $45Phantom City Creative (Variant): 18" x 24", Edition of 75, $65

Be sure to check in at Mondo's site tomorrow if you're going to try to get one of those posters before they sell out. In the meantime, just in case the DuckTales theme song isn't already stuck in your head…

Or you can rock out to a great rock version of the song here.

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