The Dumbest Complaint The FCC Ever Got About Sons Of Anarchy

If you were a fan of Sons of Anarchy during its seven-year stretch, then you are highly aware that the biker drama was not shy about dealing out adult situations like candy at Halloween. (Timely reference.) It shouldn’t come as a surprise either that there were tons of non-fans who caught episodes of the show and were horrified by all the acts seen therein, and some of them took the time to complain to the FCC over the years. And I can say with 99% certainty that the complaint seen below (original typos included) is the dumbest response that Sons of Anarchy has ever provoked.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for letting Fox run this show and show my son what oral/regular sex is. In accordance with your fact sheet I submit the following request: In last nights show of Sons of Anarchy, Sam Crow was at a party that the club sponsored. In one scene Sam is seen standing while the camera pans down and shows a woman’s head at the same level of his groin giving him oral sex. later in the same show, the character of his son is seen having sexual intercourse with his girlfriend in the restroom of that very same party. I understand what mature is but that is not mature content. That is pornography pure and simple! Obscene, Indecent and Profane.

That’s just the first part, but it’s impossible to go on without rocking back in one’s chair and guffawing at someone thinking that there’s a Sons’ character actually named Sam Crow. Maybe the person was just listening and watching through mostly-closed fingers, so he or she didn’t grasp anything that happened during the rest of the episode. But it obviously wasn’t enough to warrant changing the channel. I guess simulated blowjobs aren’t THAT insulting. SAM CROW, though! I can’t get enough of that. I guess Jax is Sam’s son?

The date on the complaint is September 22, 2009, and that matches up with the airing of the Season 2 episode “Fix,” which ends with the club going to a party at Luanne’s porn studio Cara Cara and making themselves acquainted with the talent. So at least the complainer watched the episode all the way through.

Here’s the rest of the rant.

So, I’m asking you to address this matter and put a boot up the ass of Fox for their disgusting show of disrespect for the industry and those who watch. Another way to request your support is to say it this way. How would you like to be sitting with your 17 yr. old and have to explain what is happening to your child? I ask your support in this matter and look forward to your earliest response. Should I receive a negative response from your office I’ll drive this through my senators in an attempt to get a law drafted to stopped the progression of pornography on the Television industry. Thank you in advance for your assistance….

I hate to break it to this person, but unless they’re living in a cave on the other side of the moon, that 17-year-old child has almost definitely already been exposed to all forms of sexual activity, and probably other things as well. So if that’s the only reason why this person wants to bash Fox (and not FX, the network where it aired) and get a law drafted against pornography, then maybe some things should be rethought.

You can find other complaints here, and many of them are similarly disgusted by all the sexual scenes on the show, but rare is the complaint about the excess violence and deaths. No surprise there. We can’t wait to read the things people have complained about over The Bastard Executioner.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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