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Eli Manning And Kenan Thompson Attempt To Play Football In SNL Promo

I'm usually pretty apprehensive about athletes hosting Saturday Night Live. I think at least a part of that is due to the unfortunately lasting memory of the time Nancy Kerrigan hosted back in 1994. As much of a fan as I was of Kerrigan, that was an awkward episode. How will Eli Manning do when he hosts this Saturday's episode. We'll find out…

NBC released a series of promos for Manning's episode, which airs this Saturday night. Jason Sudeikis is featured in one, which has a little fun with NBC's The Voice (cross-promotion!). And then Kenan Thompson takes over, joining Manning for the rest of them. It's encouraging to see that Manning plays to his strengths…

The football humor is a nice touch. If they can work a ball into Manning's hands for most of the skits, we may be in for a top-notch episode. While that seems unlikely, we do get a glimpse of Manning's sense of humor as he plays off of Sudeikis and Thompson. Hopefully we'll see more of it this Saturday night.

Rihanna is the musical guest for the episode.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.