It’s been a while since we’ve heard from HBO’s Enlightened. The series learned it was earning a sophomore season on the same day the network cancelled several of its more interesting TV programs, including Hung and Bored to Death. We still have a few months before Season 2 airs, but in the interim, there’s always Enlightened: The Complete First Season to look forward to.

HBO certainly has bigger and bolder fodder than its quirky drama, Enlightened, but HBO programs like True Blood and Game of Thrones don’t have Laura Dern. Playing the fractured executive, Amy Jellicoe, who is piecing her life together after a stint in rehab, Dern is entrancing—and sometimes cringeworthy—to watch. The program also stars Luke Wilson as Amy's ex-husband Levi and Diane Ladd as Amy's hard-to-deal-with mother.

The set will hit the market on January 8 and will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download. Special features look pretty stark at the moment, and will only include four audio commentaries and “Inside the Episode” summaries. However, I have my fingers crossed HBO might add some stuff to the set over the next few months. If you are planning to purchase, Enlightened: The Complete First Season, the Blu-ray will run for $49.99 and DVD copies will cost fans $39.98. Enlightened has been noted for it’s vision and cinematography in the past, so charging more for the HD picture sounds plausible, even if it is annoying fans won’t be privy to extra bonus features if they pay for the Blu-ray.

Enlightened Blu-ray And DVD Extras
  • “Inside the Episodes" summaries
  • Four audio commentaries with cast and crew

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