FOX Isn't Done With Brothers Yet

After burning off their remaining episodes of Sit Down, Shut Up after The Wanda Sykes Show on Saturday nights, they're going with reruns of the terrible sitcom that failed miserably all over Sunday nights. They haven't officially pulled the plug on it either.

It would be an unprecedented move for a network to produce a sitcom for air at midnight ET on Saturday nights, but maybe innovation like this is what the television industry needs. I'm not saying it's likely that Brothers would be renewed so that it could continue to air at that time-slot, since it seems a much more likely candidate to continue in the 7 PM ET hour on Sundays that the recently canceled 'Til Death had been occupying.

Either that, or perhaps Sons of Tucson can muster up enough support at the network, despite less-than-impressive ratings, to salvage itself another season, and move to that earlier slot so American Dad can keep the "Animation Domination" running. FOX needs to find a live-action sitcom that works, but they really need to find another night on their schedule to trot out the comedies.

If they're really bold, they could take on the Monday night comedies of CBS, by putting a pair of comedies before and after the wryly humorous House. I'd recommend before, though, as Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory are ratings juggernauts I don't think Brothers or Tucson are quite ready for just yet.