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The possibility of the NFL skipping a season doesn’t seem like too bad of a deal. It just means the NFL will look like whining children while stylish Americans can watch more Premiere League Soccer on network TV and the rest of us will get more hockey. However, for Pete, Ruxin, Kevin, Jenny, and the rest of FX’s The League, a lengthy shutdown in the NFL would mean a pretty weird plotline in season three.

To protest the swift injustice to The League’s writing team, FX has put together some promo videos explaining why the NFL needs to get its shit together come fall. Most of these promo commercials are rational, but some of them are animalistic complaints from members of The League. Three or four months ago, it seemed like the NFL would never come to any agreement. No, both players and owners are moving toward the middle, and it’s looking like we might have football in the coming months. Doesn’t make the following videos any less relevant.

Whether football returns or not, The League will return in the fall on FX.

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