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Titus Welliver is a great character actor. In fact, it's an odd coincidence to be reporting this casting news not long after HBO's Game of Thrones made a few announcements of their own because we always imagined Welliver as the perfect Stannis Baratheon. Well, it looks like we're stuck with Stephen Dillane for Stannis, it could be far worse, and instead we'll find our Titus Welliver fix on FX in their adaptation of Powers.

AOL reports that the actor you may know best as the Man in Black on Lost (or from his stints on Deadwood, The Good Wife, and, another FX series, Sons of Anarchy), "has been cast as Triphammer in 'Powers,' and if the pilot gets picked up to series, his role will be recurring." The pilot was written by Charles H. Eglee, whose credits include Dexter and The Shield, and is being directed (like right now, in Chicago) by Michael Dinner, the man who also helmed the Sons of Anarchy pilot for FX.

Powers, based on the Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming comics of the same name, revolves around a department of detectives who investigate crimes superhuman, uh, powers. Jason Patric and Lucy Punch are already on board to play the two lead detectives in the unit, Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, with Charles Dutton attached as Captain Cross. Welliver's character, Triphammer, is basically a version of Tony Stark/Iron Man. He's a brilliant, if arrogant, entrepreneur who moonlights as a superhero in a metal suit. So yeah, just a little like Tony Stark.