Will Ferrell To Appear In Four Episodes Of The Office Later This Season

The departure of Steve Carell from his post on The Office is set to be a monumental television event. This season has already had a good number of guest stars, including the awesome Timothy Olyphant and the return of Amy Ryan, but a newly announced guest should be able to blow them all out of the water.

Deadline is reporting that Will Ferrell, who previously starred alongside Carell in Anchorman, has signed on for a four episode arc that will actually extend past Carell's final episode. Ferrell will play another branch manager who is sent to the Scranton branch from corporate and is "just as inappropriate" as Michael Scott. It's unknown exactly when the episodes will air.

This has potential written all over it. Both Ferrell and Carell are comedians cut from the same cloth and I can only imagine how they're going to play off each other. There seems to be some suggestion by this news that Ferrell will be the first temporary boss before a more permanent solution is found. Here's hoping they can possibly convince him to stay.

Eric Eisenberg
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