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There are presumably millions of people out there who still mourn the TV passing of Firefly, sometimes humbly and sometimes annoyingly. Stars Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion are using Indiegogo to call out to that same science fiction-loving fanbase to help get their next project off the ground. It’s a web series called Con Man, which has absolutely nothing to do with heists or criminals, and everything to do with space-faring heroes, fan conventions and cancelled TV shows. It’s the best example of “art imitating life” you’ll find this week.

Con Man stars creator Tudyk and producer Fillion as Wray Nerely and Jack Moore, respectively. Both are actors that were formerly on the beloved sci-fi TV series Spectrum, which garnered a cult following after it was taken off the air too soon. (Sound familiar?) Jack’s time after Spectrum landed him on top of the Hollywood A-list, while Wray experiences his fame through a constant stream of comic conventions and other pop culture-friendly events. Wray’s shift from outsider to understanding insider and fan-lover will be the crux of the narrative.

The series aims to both pay respects to cult fandom as well as tell stories about the crazy shit that Fillion and Tudyk have experienced over the years at cons and expos. As Tudyk says on the campaign page, he wanted to put a spotlight on all of his favorite convention artists and the friends he’s made. As well, he wanted to create a project “where heroes, villains, zombie hunters and space pirates all overlap.” To say that working with Fillion again was part of the plan is to say that the sky is blue and grass is green.

Check out the first poster for the show, which features as good a comedic tagline as any I can think of.


The goal is to get $425,000 raised for the first three episodes of the series, and they’ve laid out a basic pie chart to show donors where their money will be going. Fortunately, the campaign has raised over $242,000 at the time of this writing, and appears to be going up around $1,000 a minute. So it’ll probably be funded by the time you finished reading this. Hooray!

If you need more swaying to get you on board with this excellent concept, watch Tudyk and Fillion giving their pitch in the video below.

The Con Man campaign ends on April 10, and they’ll hopefully get right to work turning that money into web series excellence. Hell, if they raise enough money – it’s now past $262,000 – then maybe networks will come calling. But don’t answer if it’s Fox.
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