The First Arrow And Flash Crossover Photo Looks Incredible, Features A Crazy Crimefighting Team

Arrow and The Flash will be joining forces yet again in 2015, but this crossover isn’t just another opportunity to team Oliver Queen and Barry Allen again. It will also feature a few of the heroes that will star in the upcoming spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, and with less than a month to go until the two-part event, we have our first image of all the superheroes together.

legends arrow flash crossover

The CW released this photo of the heroes gathered together to take on the threat that’s coming their way in early December. There’s Team Arrow, consisting of Oliver as Green Arrow, Thea as Speedy, Laurel as Black Canary and Diggle as… Guy Who Doesn’t Have A Codename. Barry is, of course, suited up as the Scarlet Speedster, and near him are two of the Legends of Tomorrow stars: Kendra Saunders, a.k.a. Hawkgirl (played by Ciara Renée) and Carter Hall, a.k.a. Hawkman (Falk Hentschel). This picture is the closest we’ve ever come to seeing a Justice League-type group form in this DC universe, and maybe someday we’ll also get Atom, Firestorm, White Canary and the other heroes to get together for a group snapshot.

Fans are already well acquainted with the main characters on Arrow and The Flash, making the Hawk heroes the unknowns in this “equation.” Kendra first cameoed in The Flash Season 1 finale and made her full debut last week in The Flash episode “The Darkness and the Light.” Unless something happens in the next two episodes of The Flash, presumably this crossover will be her debut as Hawkgirl, at least to the audience. As for Hawkman, it was announced he would make his first appearance shortly after he was added to Legends of Tomorrow as an extra main cast member.

Last year the Arrow/The Flash crossover didn’t have a lot tying the narratives of the two episodes together, with only Captain Boomerang’s presence serving as the main connective thread. This year, however, it’s been said many times that the crossover will be two halves of the same story. Legends of Tomorrow’s main antagonist Vandal Savage (played by Casper Crump) will serve as the villain. It’s unclear what Savage has planned over these two episodes, but following these episodes, Hawkman and Hawkgirl will team up with the other Legends (of tomorrow) as they travel through time to stop the immortal Savage’s plots throughout history. Team Arrow and Flash won’t be going along for the ride, as they have enough on their plate with Damien Darhk and Zoom, respectively, this season.

This year’s crossover will kick off on Tuesday, December 1 with The Flash, followed by the Arrow episode “Legends of Yesterday” on the following day.

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