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First Full Eastbound And Down Season 2 Trailer: Kenny Powers Transcends Race

Kenny Powers is back and he still hates kids. The first full trailer for the second season of the most offensive HBO series Eastbound & Down has arrived and, apparently, the entire thing takes place in Mexico. That Kenny Powers on a moped teaser we showed you here wasn’t just a temporary side trip south of the border.

The second season finds Kenny playing for a Latin baseball team where he proudly proclaims that a man who has experienced the loss and pain he’s experienced, transcends race. Translation: That gives him license to say whatever the hell he wants about Mexicans. This should result in not only high comedy, but more than a few Kenny powers beatings. It’ll be brilliant. Here’s the first full, Eastbound & Down Season 2 trailer:

This is going to be the biggest comeback celebration that any of ya’ll have ever seen. You pretty much have the entire force of god coming at you when Eastbound & Down returns to HBO September 26th.