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HBO has no lack of series worth watching right now, with Boardwalk Empire burning up the screen each week, In Treatment now back for a new season and Big Love getting ready to wrap up its final run. But there might not be anything more anticipate out there than Game of Thrones, the network's miniseries adaptation of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels. The series doesn't hat a set debut date yet but all signs point to a spring premiere next year.

To start ramping up excitement, HBO has released 11 stills from the series to Entertainment Weekly; you can see six of them below, and click on them to go to the full gallery. They contain the first real look at a lot of the series's major characters, including Mark Addy as King Robert Baratheon, Sean Bean as Lord Eddard Stark, Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister and more. Here's the synopsis EW provides if you're not familiar with the dramatic and bloody story:

HBO's take on George R.R. Martin's best-selling series chronicles the bloody fight for the throne of King Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy), who rules over the land of Westeros with the help of his right-hand man, Lord Eddard Stark (Sean Bean), while behind castle walls intrigue brews in the form of attempted murders, more than one incestuous liaison — and the dark backstory of Stark's bastard son, Jon Snow (Kit Harington, pictured here at far left). The series is slated to debut on HBO in 2011.

Check out the images below, and below that the first teaser trailer for Game of Thrones-- which isn't much, but hey, Song of Ice and Fire fans will probably be excited nonetheless.

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