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The Emmy’s might be taxingly long, but that doesn’t mean they don’t always produce a few funny moments. If you missed tonight’s telecast, you missed Amy Poehler in a low cut dress and Tom Hanks with a creeper mustache, as well as some amusing moments from some of television’s greatest comedians. Without further ado, here are the nominations for the top five funniest moments from the 2012 Emmys.

Josh Groban Sings For Jimmy Kimmel
Josh Groban doesn’t seem like the type of character to show up at the 2012 Emmys. Nevertheless, he appeared this year, in order to fulfill one of Kimmel’s biggest dreams. Kimmel complains about how people involved with Hollywood have to wait until they die in order to get a proper memorial. Nearly immediately, Groban pops up, singing a slow version of One Direction’s epic hit “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.” It's probably my favorite moment from this year's telecast, and despite its humorous intent, it's a little touching, too. I hope Groban's version pops up on iTunes soon.

Lily From Modern Family Unleashes Her Inner Monster
Aubrey Anderson-Emmons may not always get the best lines on ABC’s hit comedy, Modern Family, but she sure gets the the biggest laughs during tonight’s Emmys. The “monster” manages to make fun of the entire cast with a table reading joke, remove Ty Burrel’s trailer step, and poke fun at the Chik-Fil-A controversy. With a guest appearance from Community's Chang (aka Ken Jeong), the Modern Family segment is one of the most exciting and funniest from tonight’s show.

Tracy Morgan’s Pass Out Twitter Joke
Jimmy Kimmel had a moment of genius when he told the audience and everyone watching to Tweet that Tracy Morgan was passed out onstage. Of course, to make this legitimate, Tracy Morgan had to get up and ‘pass out’ on the stage, which went on for like a full ten minutes. Just know, if you saw a tweet earlier that said, “OMG Tracy Morgan Just Passed Out Onstage At The Emmys. Turn ABC on now,” and you believed it, you were totally duped.

Ricky Gervais Really, Really Wants A Drink
Ricky Gervais introduced one of the awards tonight, but he did so reluctantly. Apparently, there’s a no drink policy at the Emmys and the man decided to present so he could sneak a beer backstage. I think I speak for every man and woman who prefers a drink or two to get through these events when I say, “Suck it Emmys, the Golden Globes rock more.“ He's probably just bitter because British endeavors like Downton Abbey and Sherlock went home empty-handed, tonight.

Julia Louise-Dreyfus Accepts Amy Poehler’s Award
Louis-Dreyfus won the award for best lead actress in a comedy series for Veep. As she wandered onstage she made contact with Amy Poehler, who may or may not have been screwed out of this year’s award, depending on opinion. The ladies “accidentally” swapped acceptance speeches, and Louis-Dreyfus proceeded to thank NBC, Parks & Rec and Poehler’s children before Amy ran on stage and gave her the right piece of paper. The moment was definitely goofy and may have gone on for a little too long, but it was fitting for the leading ladies to continue the tradition of goofing off during the tenure of their category.

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Read the list of winners here.

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