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Spoilers for The Flash are below. Don’t be a Trickster to yourself if you haven’t watched.

Once a super-duper evil bastard shithead, always a super-duper evil bastard shithead, am I right? All of the pieces of The Flash Season 2 puzzle are starting to come together, and they all seem to point to Harrison Wells once again being a giant glasses-wearing thorn in Barry’s side, thanks to the crafty-and-quick Zoom. Even though his intentions aren’t quite as evil as they were in Season1, Wells still looks like he’s going to end up becoming a second-tier bad guy in Season 2, right behind his partner in crime.

Twice in tonight’s “Running to Stand Still,” Wells was confronted by big bad Zoom, who was looking to seal a deal. By the end of the episode, we found out that Zoom’s “ransom” for Wells’ daughter involves Wells figuring out ways to make Barry even more powerful, so that Zoom can in turn steal those powers for himself. Apparently breaking backs and catching lightning aren’t the extent of his super-talents.

Wells put it out there perfectly when he said that Zoom is basically fattening Barry up like a Christmas goose, hoping that he expands his powers so that they can later be taken away somehow. Wells is obviously the guy to do this, as he created that serum – tested on Jay Garrick in the crossover episode – that will make Barry even faster, and Barry always ends up figuring out different ways to turn that advanced speed into some other awesome maneuver. And Zoom is all like, “The more the merrier, bros.”

Given that we’ve had one-and-a-half seasons to figure out how The Flash will make this storyline work, there are probably only a few ways this could all unfold. One, Wells does as he’s told and Barry ends up getting his ass kicked again by Zoom before some other advancement helps him get the advantage by the end of the season. Two, Wells tells the S.T.A.R. Labs team everything he’s gotten himself into and they figure out a way to both make Barry more powerful as well as a way to stop Zoom from sapping those powers away. Three, Zoom stops trusting Wells and kills him, but not before Wells is somehow able to give his daughter the serum and then we have Jessie Quick joining the fight against Zoom. Okay, so there are probably a bunch of other ways for this to pan out, but I bet it’s a combination of those first two.

And if Zoom happens to get The Trickster to join him in taking The Flash down, whether that be an Earth 1 or an Earth 2 version, we're all for it.

The Flash will be gone for a while, but it will return to The CW at some point in early 2016 to let us know what Zoom will get up to next. Maybe Wally West will get involved at some point.