The Flash: Check Out This Awesome New Shot of Killer Frost

Last year’s Season 1 finale of The CW’s The Flash promised innumerable additions to the show’s continuity from the greater DC mythos. While certain elements such as Jay Garrick and Zoom have begun to pop up throughout the show’s Season 2, one element promised during the last season has yet to even be hinted at: Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) becoming the villainous Killer Frost. All we had seen of the upcoming villain was in the form of a brief shot in the Speed Force as Barry Allen traveled through time to save his mother – until now. Check out the new image below.

During an appearance on CBS' The Talk to promote this season of The Flash, Panabaker finally revealed a more detailed view of Killer Frost as she will look on the show. In general, the image shows a much clearer shot at The CW’s take on the iconic villain than we had previously seen. Her suit – while certainly revealing and stylish – maintains a degree of practical functionality, complete with trademark black and blue color scheme. Her hair, eyes, and skin have all been made generally paler in color to emphasize her icy powers, with darker makeup to highlight her in a more sinister way. The image shows no true display of her powers, so audiences will just have to wait and see how deadly she is.

It’s unclear if the Killer Frost that will show up on The Flash will even be the Earth 1 Caitlin Snow at all. Although many had assumed that the death of Ronnie Raymond would be her impetus for becoming a bad guy (or gal), she seems to have emotionally recovered and grieved in a healthy way – even developing feelings for Earth 2’s Jay Garrick. The Killer Frost featured in The Flash could very likely end up being a Caitlin Snow from another Earth who did not handle the death of Ronnie in nearly as healthy a fashion. The Flash has already utilized the concept of multiple iterations of the same person – particularly with regards to Harrison Wells – so the concept is not too far outside the realm of possibility.

During the interview, Panabaker also revealed that the promise of becoming Killer Frost has some great appeal to her. Although the show is packed to the brim with action and adventure, Caitlin Snow rarely ventures outside of S.T.A.R Labs to get in on the fun. The actress expressed some sincere jealousy that all of her male co-stars were getting costumes and action set pieces:

All the boys get to suit up and duke it out - I want to be out there!

Check out the whole interview with Ms. Panabaker below.

The Flash airs every Tuesday night on The CW.

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