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The Flash Is Apparently Bringing One Dead Character Back

The Flash is a show that has proven two versions of a character can be better than one, and we’ve seen it happen to just about every major character. We already know that we’ve got a second version of Firestorm coming to the show next week, but could we get another version of Ronnie Raymond at some point? Maybe so, if actor Robbie Amell is to be believed.

Amell took to his Instagram page earlier to share an image of him standing next to Franz Drameh, who plays the new Firestorm-half Jax Jackson. But it is the picture’s caption that has us burning up with questions.

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If you’ll recall, Season 2 kicked off by showing audiences that it wasn’t really Flash that saved Central City from the singularity, but Firestorm. And the act of flying into it actually killed Ronnie, while Dr. Martin Stein survived, though not without some strange blue-flamed side effects. So how would we run into Ronnie again in this world?

Well first, maybe it’s not this world at all. Considering we’ve already seen how Earth 2 is changing the show, as well as the fact that there are 52 dimensional breaches out there, it’s certainly possible that there’s another version of Ronnie that we’ll be meeting in the future. One that didn’t die and is still possibly married to Caitlin. Or maybe the two never tied the knot. I’m not here to consider where his romances are, though.

On the flipside, maybe Ronnie didn’t die at all! It’s certainly possible, as The Flash has proven just about everything is possible. If we can look at this from Joe West’s perspective, there’s no corpse, so it’s hard to be certain that there’s been an actual death. It’s not clear what would have happened to him or his body, but the writers probably have a notebook full of potential explanations.

Or maybe Ronnie will return to the show in a flashback. Bo-o-o-o-oring. We want something weirder.

Hopefully we’ll find out soon. Watch The Flash every Tuesday night on The CW.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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