The Flash: First Look At Killer Frost

There are some spoilers in this article if you haven’t caught Tuesday’s Season 1 finale of The Flash. If you read on, you are bound to get spoiled.

Danielle Panabaker has not been shy about admitting to fans that her Flash character, Caitlyn Snow, will eventually become Killer Frost, a villainess with a cold theme. In fact, The Flash already hinted at the eventuality during the Season 1 finale, “Fast Enough.” At the end of the episode, Barry Allen ran through the reworked particle accelerator and triggered a wormhole that gave us a glimpse at both Barry’s past and present, including a glimpse Killer Frost, who looks pretty badass.


The move comes just a few days after Panabaker revealed that fans should watch the finale for a glimpse at the villainess. At the time, she also revealed that they have already made a Killer Frost official costume, and it looks like it got good use in the finale. Unfortunately, the time traveling didn’t give us a look at Snow’s lab pal Cisco Ramon, who will eventually get superpowers of his own as Vibe.

The events of the Season 1 finale set up for an over-the-top and entertaining future for The Flash, but executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells EW it could still be a while before Panabaker and Carlos Valdes ultimately change into different characters.

That’s the fun for us as writers, but hopefully for the audience too, that especially with characters like Caitlin and Cisco there is a certain level of expectation after we very specifically gave them the names we gave them and how that’s going to turn out. You’ve got Wells telling Cisco that he was affected, but when we saw in the speed force, we saw Caitlin really and truly affected. Whether that happens next year or the year after that, we’ll have to wait and see what the speed force tells us to do.

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So, while Season 2 is sure to have a lot of surprises, Vibe and Killer Frost may not be among them. We do know, however, that the creative team has multiple plans in the works for the next season of the CW drama, including dealing with multiple timelines moving forward. In addition, Barry Allen himself is set to be a little different during Season 2. We still have a few months before The Flash returns to the CW’s schedule later this year, but we’ll keep you posted as the drama adds new characters and begins production.

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