The Flash: Which Characters Could Meet Their Earth-Two Doppelgängers

The Flash introducing Earth-Two this season isn’t just a way for the show to throw metahumans at Barry from another world. It also allows doppelgängers to be tossed into the game, a.k.a alternate versions of characters seen on Earth-One (The Flash’s main world). Minor antagonists Atom Smasher and Sand Demon aside, the only major doppelgängers who we’ve been seen is Harrison Wells (nickname “Harry”) and Linda Park, a.k.a. Doctor Light. Not to fear though, we may get to see more doppelgängers of the main characters in the near future.

According to Grant Gustin, fans can expect a few of the S.T.A.R. Labs team members to visit Earth-Two later this season, and while there, they may get to meet their duplicates. Here’s what the actor told EW:

It sounds like we’re going to be making an Earth-Two trip in the future at some point this season. I don’t know which characters are going to be going. I’m pretty sure Barry will be one of them. I don’t know if we’re going to see his doppelgänger when we go over there. I’d imagine we would.

So far, all we know about Earth-Two is what we’ve seen in brief cutaways and dialogue from Jay Garrick and Earth-Two Wells. While there are certainly many similarities (coffee and Big Belly Burger are a constant in the multiverse), there also a fair amount of differences, like a War of the Americas sometime during the 20th Century, and Jay talking about Atlantis like it’s a normal vacation spot. As for Barry running into his doppelgänger, that would make for an interesting (and potentially awkward) meeting, though given how Linda’s alternate self was a criminal, we can’t help but wonder if the other Barry turned to a life of crime as well (and if you read fan theories online, there are suspicions he may actually be Zoom).

Although no other doppelgängers have been confirmed for the show, Jesse L. Martin has heard that Joe West’s Earth-Two counterpart may share something in common with the actor’s own background. He said:

Earth-Two Joe might have a little musical element to him

If Earth-Two Joe ended up as an actor or a singer at a swanky club, that would be absolutely fantastic in my book!

Setting sights further, I have another idea of a double we may see at some point: Caitlin Snow’s. Danielle Panakber has already said she’s going to be playing Killer Frost soon, but it hasn’t been said which version of Caitlin that will be. Remember, Wells’ metahuman detector didn’t go off when he held it up to Earth-One Caitlin, so unless her hidden abilities are somehow undetectable or she later gets powers via another source, she can’t be the icy villain. Earth-Two Caitlin, however, may have become a metahuman when that world’s particle accelerator went off. If that’s the case, she’ll no doubt be antagonizing Flash and his partners.

New episodes of The Flash air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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