The Following's Natalie Zea Signs On To CBS' Under The Dome

The Following actress Natalie Zea is headed to Under the Dome, CBS’ brand new summer event, which is set to air on the network in just a couple of weeks. If you’ve been keeping up with many of the previews for the new series, don’t be alarmed that you haven’t caught the actress. Zea isn’t set to appear in Under the Dome until episode 9.

We may not catch the actress in the drama until later this summer, but Zea is signed on in a “continuing” role in the production, which means we will probably see more of the actress later in the season and maybe beyond, if the series moves forward into a second season, which CBS already seems interested in. According to TV Line, Zea will play Maxine, a lady with very bad intentions, who will apparently make bad guy Jim Rennie (Dean Norris) look like a cakewalk.

TV actress Natalie Zea has been in pretty high demand for the last couple of TV seasons. The actress is still tied to Raylan Givens’ character on Justified and popped up in the series on occasion in Season 4. She also played a huge role in Season 1 of The Following, which put her on the map as a serial killer’s ex-wife. In both of those programs, Zea played a good guy and I can’t wait to see what she is able to bring to the table when accessing her antagonistic capabilities. Luckily, we’ll be finding out sooner rather than later. Under the Dome premieres on Monday, June 24.

Jessica Rawden
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