The twice-cancelled, single-camera comedy Breaking In is now back from the dead...again. The heist comedy is reportedly set to be picked up by Fox in a 13-episode midseason order from Sony Pictures TV. Another facet in the complex deal commits Fox to a comedy pitch for another show by Breaking In co-creator Adam Goldberg.

Despite being passed on originally as a comparatively high-scoring pilot, Sony TV kept the project alive and managed to score a seven-episode midseason deal with Fox but found themselves cancelled again before they finished their run. Fox had, however, continued to show some support for the project; they helped Sony TV with the costs of extending the options for the show's cast and added the project to the list of contenders for their two-hour midseason comedy block. Fox's entertainment president said of the show, "We all liked Breaking In but...we had to make a judgment call," and that the show "still has a shot." In other good news for the show, the entire cast for the comedy is set to return. This includes Odette Annable, who recently landed a spot as a House regular. Apparently Family Guy was previously the only show to survive a second cancellation like this, which was news to me.

Adam Goldberg's other project in this deal is an "autobiographical" comedy about growing up in the '80s with a dysfunctional but loving family. The four big networks have all shown interest in the project. When we can expect more details about this pitch is unclear, since Goldberg will presumably be busy rebooting Breaking In for this midseason.

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