Always teetering on the edge of cancellation, despite the impeccable quality of the on-air product, Fringe is one of numerous programs that has already announced that the upcoming year would be the series' last. It's a trend these days to 'grant' acclaimed and beloved but not necessarily widely watched shows an often truncated final season. Yes, it's sad to know that Fringe is ending (and soon) but at the same time impressive and satisfying (well, hopefully) that the demanding science fiction series managed to make it this far. All the way to 2036.

Fox just released a new preview for the final 13 episodes of Fringe with a trailer aptly titled the "Season 5 (Remix)." I say aptly titled because the first half recycles what we've already seen from previous spots for the season before the second brings entirely new, and intense, footage. Take another look at the fifth and final season...

er The Observers are still coming, that hasn't changed, but we didn't know before the "Remix" is that they'd be coming for Walter. In what looks like a Matrix style, Agent Smith versus Morpheus showdown, Walter is captured and questioned by one of the lead Observers because the shattered genius has successfully devised a way to rid the Earth of the invaders from the future. Will it work? We don't know but could it finally be enough to get John Noble a much deserved Emmy nomination? Sorry, the awards are still on the brain and mine's not an excellent specimen. But, using the limited powers of deduction I do have, the final line sounds to me like Olivia will be a key ingredient in his plan. What do you think?

Fringe returns with the Season 5 premiere called "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11" on Friday, September 28th at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. The series was created by J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman. It stars Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Jasika Nicole and Lance Reddick.

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