The Full Game Of Thrones Musical Is Ridiculous and Awesome

Red Nose Day has become something of a global phenomenon now that the US and NBC have joined the action. It often shows celebrities you wouldn’t think of having a good laugh. It was quite a change of pace, however, when one of the most dark, violent shows on TV was used as the springboard for a shiny, happy musical. Seriously, you need to see Game of Thrones: The Musical.

It’s like a weird cross between The Office and Smash (does anybody remember Smash?). Liam Neeson narrates the Coldplay’s quest to turn their favorite show, HBO's Game of Thrones into a Broadway musical. The idea at least comes from some degree of reality. At first the show cast isn’t interested but after some...persuasion, they come on board in a big way.

All of your favorite GoT cast members make an appearance, and most of them sing, and it’s hilarious, and silly, and you’re going to want the soundtrack. As silly as it is, it isn’t is bad. Turns out that theses guys can sing, at least fairly well. They made a musical out of Spider-Man. Is this idea really that crazy?

The set list is inspired. The song Wildling cheats a bit by being a cover, but Kit Harington kind of nails it. The duet between Alfie Allen (Theon) and Iwan Rheon (Ramsay) is touching, and also twisted. While it is not entirely clear at what point Rastafarian Targaryen will be performed during the show, you will dance at your desk with that one. If you’re only familiar with Emilia Clarke in her role as Khaleesi, you need to check this out. They’re going to blow your mind. There’s a couple of other great pieces we’re not going to spoil for you. Just be aware that the sentence “the first romantic ballad about incest in Coldplay’s career” is spoken by Liam Neeson. And yes, Peter Dinklage is in it, and he steals the show as per usual.


The overall highlight of the bit may be Coldplay’s Chris Martin though. He plays the role of “hopeful Broadway producer” perfectly. Dealing with all the initial doubts, he’s so excited to show off the music he’s been working on. So excited he doesn’t even notice when the initial reaction is terrible. He plays the perfect straight man.

Sadly, thanks to George R.R. Martin (at least in the clip), the Game of Thrones musical will never happen. Would you actually have gone to see this non-ironically? Ok, going ironically is good enough. We’ll see you there.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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