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If you’ve been wondering how Julianne Moore will handle the role of Sarah Palin in the upcoming HBO movie Game Change, you’re about to get your first look. The first trailer for the film is online and it offers a look at the main cast, including Moore as the former governor of Alaska.

Set to air March 2012, Game Change follows John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008. Via TVLine, the trailer below shows Woody Harrelson as campaign strategist Steve Schmidt as he talks to John McCain (Ed Harris) about finding a game-changer, which in this case, apparently comes in the form of a certain tidy-haired Alaskan governor. Enter Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin...

Sure, we only get a small sample of Moore as Palin in the above video, but I’m predicting a stellar performance from the actor based on that and her previous amazing performances. Harris as McCain also looks like it’s going to work really well.