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Well, it’s official: Game of Thrones is doing something showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss vowed they would never do. The show is going to use flashbacks during the upcoming fifth season, and recently it was revealed that Game of Thrones has cast none other than young Cersei, who will be played by The Revolting World of Stanley Brown actress Nell Williams.

Williams doesn’t have a ton of acting credits to her name, and signing on as the young Lannister should prove to be her biggest gig to date. IMDB notes that the flashback character is set to pop up during three episodes of the hit series, but in typical unreliable fashion it mentions she’ll appear on the show during Season 6—which would be 2016. We haven’t currently gotten confirmation straight from HBO, yet, but we do know that young Cersei has been rumored to appear in a flashback during the Season 5 opener, in a scene that will feature Cersei spending time with the minor A Song of Ice and Fire character, Maggy the Frog.

I’m about to go into some minor spoilers from the book, so go ahead and hop out of the article, if you don’t want to know about Maggy the Frog.

Maggy the Frog is a character who pops up in George R.R. Martin’s popular novels as a prophet and fortuneteller. Maggy has some not-so-great news for Cersei in the books and the young woman ends up retaliating by throwing a potion on her, after which Maggy curses Cersei. Those who have read the books will already know that Cersei will have some trials to contend with during Season 5 of Game of Thrones, leading to a nude scene outdoors that Game Of Thrones had to get special permission to shoot and cost the show a boatload of cash. I’m not saying the scene is Maggy the Frog’s doing, but it’ll be interesting to see how the HBO drama ties the past and present together.

While Young Cersei is joining the show for a few flashback sequences, she isn’t the only character that might get the flashback treatment. Actor Charles Dance, who played Tywin Lannister on the series until his untimely end at the hands of his son, also divulged that he will somehow be returning to Game of Thrones during Season 5. Since we know flashbacks are definitely happening, it stands to reason that is how Tywin will return via this format as well. Although I guess that show isn’t without zombies, so anything is theoretically possible.

There are a lot of plots going into Season 5 that are still rumor at this point, but thankfully, HBO is finally putting out content related to the new season, including this 2015 trailer, which gives us a better look at the upcoming episodes. Additionally, here’s everything we know about Game of Thrones during Season 5.

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