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Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. And while many of you will be searching for the perfect, romantic gift to express just how much you wuv (yeah, wuv) your significant other, artist Chris Bishop has come up with undeniably the best Valentine's Day cards of the season. Well, that is, as long as your significant other has a vested interest in the romantic relationships unfolding both in Westeros and across the Narrow Sea. Who doesn't? So make sure you spread the love this Valentine's Day with your very own set of Game of Thrones cards.

The image, originally posted at Super Punch (via Collider), shows off Bishop's nine character based card variations, complete with personalized sweet nothings, that you can cut out and distribute to lovers, friends and co-workers. I might avoid handing them out in the more traditional classroom setting since they may not exactly be age appropriate... especially the Tyrion Lannister card. Either way, the artist, Chris Bishop, had this to say about the project and his desire to spread romance via the HBO fantasy,

Because I love you all (as friends) and I love Game of Thrones, I combined them both into some sweet Valentine's Day cards for you to give to your sweetheart or favorite prostitute. Enjoy!

Yeah. It was that whole 'favorite prostitute' thing that kind of reinforces the fact that this collection of Valentine's Day handouts isn't exactly designed with the younger crowd in mind. However, that's great and perhaps precisely the point - kids have enough Power Rangers, TMNT and Pokemon (yes, I'm that out of touch with today's youth) themed V-Day cards to hand out, so it's about time someone crafted some cheap cardboard cutout cards for adults to distribute on February 14. My personal favorite is Nedd Stark's. I miss you Nedd but you knew, when you play the Valentine's Day Game of Thrones, you either love or you die.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO Sundays on April 1, 2012.

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