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These days, Natalie Dormer can be found trying to secure herself as the Queen on HBO's Game of Thrones. But it looks like the former Tudors star is going to be making an appearance on network television in the near future, as she's set to guest star in Elementary. And from what's been reported, it's a pretty big role with a multi-episode arc on the popular CBS drama series.

TV Guide got the exclusive on the story, stating that Dormer has landed a multi-episode arc as Irene Adler on CBS' Sherlock Holmes-focused procedural Elementary. Those familiar with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character and the classic stories may recognize the name. She's apparently one of the most revered female characters featured in the stories.

Her first episode is set for Thursday, May 9, which will lead into the two-hour season finale, which will air on CBS on May 16. Bigger spoilers ahead! Executive producer Rob Doherty says Adler is "perhaps the most pivotal relationship in Sherlock's life." From what TV Guide says about her role, that doesn't sound like an exaggeration.
On Elementary, Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) had discovered that she died at the hands of "M," which led him to nearly kill Sebastian Moran (Vinnie Jones) before discovering that his employer Moriarty was behind her heinous murder. Her death was the catalyst for Sherlock's downward spiral into drug addiction.

A role that important surely needs the right actor, and Dormer sounds like a great pick. In addition to being British, she's demonstrated her ability to play strong characters in the past. I'm more familiar with her from Game of Thrones than I am The Tudors or her other credits, but one of the things I love about her performance as Margaery is that she brings so many different faces to the character, and the shift in her behavior, depending on what she's up to and who she's with, is subtle. It makes her a lot of fun to watch. So it's certainly a good bit of casting for the CBS drama.