There’s just one episode left for Game of Thrones, and if your mind’s finished reeling from last night’s episode, we have the preview video for the season finale for you to check out and obsess over throughout the week as we head toward the big finish. Read no further if you haven’t seen Episode 9 (“Baelor”)!

Ned’s dead, baby. Ned’s dead.

Pardon my alteration of a Pulp Fiction quote, but I thought it was fitting. Ned’s execution was probably quite a shock for those who haven’t read the book. It’s not common for the lead character of a TV show to be killed off in the first season and I’ll admit, I couldn’t believe my eyes when it happened in the book. Alas, Ned is dead, but there are plenty of other characters still alive and one episode left for the season. What’s to become of Arya and Sansa? How will Catelynn and Robb react to the news of Ned’s death? You’ll see them in the video below. You’ll also catch a glimpse of Daenerys and Jorah preparing for something.

Game of Thrones airs Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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