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It's been some time since HBO's Game of Thrones was actually on television but thanks to year end lists and award nominations it's never out of the conversation for long. While they shoot the second season of the hit series, the first season continues to rack up accolades, making the anticipation that much greater and the wait that much longer. But not to worry, Game of Thrones will be back soon. "Winter is Coming" next spring and, according to this behind-the-scenes look, it's also coming to Northern Ireland.

The George R.R. Martin adaptation has been appearing on plenty of top tens - including spots on both our 2011 memorable deaths and moments lists, with best show still a possibility - as well as nabbing some big time awards nods like a Golden Globe nomination for Best Drama. And this is all well and good but, like our favorite characters on the show, we want to see some action. Good thing HBO just released a new behind the scenes look at the second season of Game of Thrones, which has set up shop in Northern Ireland.

The "In Production - Belfast" featurette has co-creator David Benioff and location manager Robert Boake narrating most of the footage and trying to explain why they chose to shoot in one of the wettest places on Earth. Cat (Michelle Fairley) and Jamie (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) also have a few things to add but the best parts are the vistas themselves. The locations already look amazing and that's before any of the CGI work has been done (and we know how important that was for the first season). Take another behind-the-scenes look at the highly anticipated second season and see what characters and situations you recognize.

Games of Thrones returns to Sunday night on HBO in April 2012.