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We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for new Game of Thrones footage for what feels like forever, and while HBO has been great about sending teases our way, we haven't really gotten actual Season 6 footage. That is, until today when Game of Thrones released the first full trailer for Season 6. It's epic, it's violent and it makes me wish we had new episodes immediately, rather than having to wait until the end of April to delight in all things Game of Thrones. Give the trailer a watch, below.

Epic, right? There’s a lot going on in this trailer. Almost too much. Like you’d could pause it every second in order to see all of the shots and moments happening in the quick minute and half that we’re shown. But let’s talk about some of the standout moments.


Bran! He’s back, he’s older, and he apparently found a barber in the middle of that cave. After dropping a huge bomb on us two seasons ago, and being absent for Season 5, the boy who fell from a tower in the pilot is finally back. And he apparently knows, or learns, of the biggest threat facing Westeros: the White Walkers. In Bran’s one big moment from the trailer we see him meeting face to face with the grand poobah of Walkers, The Night’s King. However, since we already know that Bran will never walk again (but he will fly!), I’m going to assume this moment happens in some sort of vision or dream.


The conflict with the High Sparrow and his extremists has only just begun. Now that Cersei has finished the ultimate walk of shame and Jaime is back in King’s Landing, there’s no way that the Lannisters are going to let their humiliation go unpunished. Cersei and her new pixie cut are ready for war, and now that she has her giant zombie-like version of (probably) Gregor Clegane, she won’t be captured again anytime soon. There’s also a great shot of Margaery Tyrell kneeling before the High Sparrow in what is sure to be her attempt to get out of the red cells, and then get even.

jon dead snow

Jon Snow is still dead. For now. The trailer opens with his corpse, which the brothers of the Night’s Watch didn’t bother to clean up or throw away. However, we’re also shown a shot of Melisandre placing her hand on his dead body, which makes me think she’s bringing everyone’s favorite bastard back to life. We’ve seen a Red Priest do this feat before, so it’s not completely out of left field.

We still have a while to wait before Game of Thrones Season 6 hits the schedule. New episodes of HBO's popular fantasy drama will begin airing on Sunday, April 24 at 9 p.m. ET. If you'd like to know more about the upcoming season, please check out what we know about the series.

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