Gilmore Girls: Why Rory Was Right To Turn Down Proposal, According To Matt Czuchry

Matt Czuchry has had a pretty good TV career, currently appearing on the critically acclaimed CBS drama The Good Wife. However, fans fondly remember him for his role on Gilmore Girls during Rory’s college years, where he played the wealthy Logan Huntzberger, a reckless Yale student with a bad boy image who eventually falls for Rory. He proposes to her late in the series, but she decides not to take him up on the offer. Fans at the time were a bit torn regarding Rory’s decision, but recently Czuchry stated in an AMA that the outcome was the right call.

I actually liked how Rory refused Logan's proposal. I feel that the show is about two strong independent women, and that refusal captures the heart of the show. And I don't think it was personal to Logan. I just think it was the right decision for Rory regardless of who her boyfriend was.

The scene in question happened near the very end of the series. Rory was about to graduate from college and Logan took the huge step of proposing to her in front of her family and friends. The proposal was a surprise, and while Rory handled it pretty tactfully, telling him she needed time to think, it says a lot about their levels of communication that he would even have the balls to propose to her in front of a large room of people like that. Here’s the awkward scene in question.

Logan later gave the proposal a second shot, telling Rory it was all or nothing for their relationship, but Rory had always aspired to be a journalist. She wanted to follow her own career path rather than simply follow Logan to his new job in a different state. Instead, she takes a gig following the Obama campaign, which is pretty true to her character.

Still, one of the enduring talking points regarding Gilmore Girls has been Rory’s relationships. The spunky daughter of Lorelei was generally considered to be level-headed, but she also had a string of boyfriends that included Dean, who slept with her while married, and Jess, who didn’t always treat her as a priority and could be unpleasant. Then there was Logan, who didn’t want to be exclusive for some time and eventually committed to Rory, but had other decision-making issues in his own life. None of Rory’s boyfriends were perfect, but they each had serious pros and cons. It’s easy to see why Gilmore Girls spent a long time exploring the potential of those relationships. However, it’s probably more fitting that Rory ended her tenure on Gilmore Girls as a woman moving forward into bigger and better things, and it seems as if Matt Czuchry sees the ending of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s series in much the same way.

Still, it leads us to wonder: if Rory had ended up with someone on the drama, who should it have been? You can check out the rest of Czuchry’s Reddit AMA here.

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